Are you ready to tackle fraud and error?

Our customers are telling us that there are solutions available, but none address the critical issue: where do you get the capacity to review cases that have been identified as risky?

Our Fraud & Error Reviews Managed Service, built on the CapacityGrid Service Cloud, is specifically designed to help you get the outcome you need.

To help you even more we’ve created a discussion group on Knowledge Hub, the UK’s largest dedicated public service collaboration platform. Here you will find practical resources, advice and answers to commonly asked questions, and engage directly with a rapidly growing community of fellow FERIS leaders and practitioners from councils across the country.

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“Have you ever paused and taken a few minutes to quantify the collective knowledge, experience and ‘know-how’ across local government? If you have, then I am sure the answer will have been ‘... it’s huge’. [...]

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We are now two years on from the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) and with the prospect of the next round of cuts via another CSR very likely, has the squeeze on spending radically altered the [...]

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The pace of reform picked up again recently with the local government Finance Bill finally receiving Royal Assent and becoming an Act on 31st October 2012. It had been hoped originally that this would happen [...]

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Our Engagement Team is responsible for the successful delivery of all CapacityGRID products and services. We work closely with all GRID Members to ensure that their CapacityGRID experience is positive and that they achieve full [...]

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Local government chief executives are often too cautious about advocating solutions. I know this from over forty years of local, regional and national activity. There are many good reasons for this concern; public awareness, political [...]

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The political party conference season has confirmed what we all knew already. The economy is not recovering as was hoped, private sector growth is the government’s route to future prosperity and the public sector will [...]

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If local government Chief Executives agree on one thing, it's that the next few years will see considerable changes in the shape and size of the sector. It is certain that the sector will become [...]

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The UK Government has launched, the new home of government services and information. It is a solution that is described as unique because it has been created with users needs at its heart, not [...]

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The worst summer for weather has strangely produced a feeling of euphoria throughout the country because of the Olympics and the achievements of our British athletes. However, now that summer is over, reality has resumed [...]

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We're back in Telford for the 2012 IRRV Conference and the sun is shining. A good opening morning; a thought provoking presidential address from Roger Messenger who highlighted the current and future challenges faced by [...]