Extend your Revenues & Benefits team

Our Anytime Service

Council’s strive to achieve sustained performance and service delivery, whilst controlling costs; CapacityGrid can provide a complete solution to achieve this utopia. With the CapacityGrid Anytime Service, experienced Revenues and Benefits staff work as an extension to your team, giving you a more cost-effective option when you need extra help.

  • Cheaper than temporary staff – Our service can reduce your costs by up to 50% when compared to temporary staff, or 30% compared to permanent staff, and saves on recruitment and training too.
  • You ‘own’ the team – By selecting and using a dedicated team from our pool of permanent staff, you get to develop rapport and stay in control. Initial onboarding takes place with your staff, so that processes are understood and agreed right from the outset.
  • The right type of people – The size of our network means you know your team is being supported by people with the right level of experience and knowledge, and who are familiar with local process and procedures.
  • An extension to your team – Our service acts to complement your team, completing packages of work, or providing extra help during holidays, periods of sickness or at year end.
  • No hidden costs – Unlike other suppliers our pricing is transparent. There are no hidden charges, no expensive re-work, and a quality rebate if we fail to deliver.
  • Sharing best practice – With a network of over 150 councils, we identify best practice and innovation and share it with our customers.
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Guide to comparing a completed case charge – how does it work?

Our method of pricing removes the risk from the council in a number of ways:

  1. The key to the value is we only charge for completed cases.
  2. Promotes staff decision making to pay the claim at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Our staff are performance managed against completed cases only, reducing pend rates and customer contact.
  4. Cases are monitored for non-compliance of completion, e.g. pending returns being looked at on the day they’re returned so there is no delay to the claimant.