The most cost-effective way to automate ATLAS

ATLAS Automation

With Phase 3 now rolling out, local authorities will be able automate more income details and scenarios within their systems. We expect this will reduce the need for manual intervention by levels similar to that achieved in Phases 1 & 2.

What is it?

By automating ATLAS, our customers have put themselves ahead of the game. Our ATLAS Automation Solution offers a quick and proven way to reduce your team’s workload by automating the majority of transactions between the DWP and your Benefits system. It’s simply the most cost-effective way to process your ATLAS claims.

Automate ATLAS to reduce your team’s workload

How Does It Work?

The CapacityGrid ATLAS Automation Solution removes the need for manual processing for 70% of ATLAS cases on average. It’s easy to implement and delivers immediate results, freeing your team to focus on welfare reform.