The most reliable way to improve collections

Benefits Overpayment

  • Is your benefits system overpayment reporting poor?
  • Is it difficult to access the information you need?
  • Is the process of creating reports to identify debtors simply too slow?
  • Are you overpaying too much and losing valuable income?
  • Benefits Managers need better information and they need it now. But how?

CapacityGrid’s Housing Benefit Overpayments Reporting service lets your team spend more time collecting overpayments and less time collating reports.

Start collecting benefits overpayments faster today

How does it work?

Our easy to implement service analyses your existing system to identify and prioritise overpayments that are ready for recovery. It can:

  • Identify accounts and collection methods that deliver the greatest return
  • Recover overpayments faster
  • Increase revenues
  • Reduce the risk of bad debt and write offs
  • Offer guaranteed value for money
  • Provide actionable results in one monthly report.

And we’re so confident in our service that we guarantee that the value of overpayments we identify as collectable. We take the risk, so you can’t lose.