The future of Fraud & Error Reviews

Better fraud and error detection rates and reporting with less effort…

For every 182 CTR cases identified by CapacityGrid’s Fraud & Error Reviews Service, with an average value of £550 per claim, your council could save £100,000!

Our Fraud & Error Reviews Service is on track to achieve £2.5m of savings by June 2016 for a consortium of 12 local authorities since it went live in early 2015; £1.5m of Council Tax Reduction adjustments and £1m of Housing Benefit overpayments. The savings realised are more than double the funding that the DCLG and DWP awarded to the consortium in support of initiatives aimed at reducing fraud and error in these public funds.

Hear what our customers are saying…

Download a recent interview by Dean Langton, Strategic Director at Pendle Borough Council, which is kindly reproduced by courtesy of Public Sector Executive Magazine.

Why not also watch our Fraud & Error Review video and discover the benefits you could make too.

Our Fraud & Error Reviews Service

Identifying and removing fraud and error from within your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction caseload can be challenging.

At CapacityGrid, our Fraud & Error solution is already exceeding expectations. Accessing 25 external data sources, combined with a sophisticated rules engine, it produces a single risk score, ultimately focusing activity where it is most likely to yield results.

We recognise that not everyone has a credit footprint, so our approach supplements the traditional transactional, consented, asset and income data with “best in class” commercial and open source data sets. This provides vital additional insight into not only those registered on the claim, but also anyone else associated with the property, which vastly reduces false positives. So, risk scoring is based on the complete picture – your internal data, Credit Reference Agency data and wider data – significantly increasing the chances of identifying fraud and error – fast.

Our current results indicate a strike rate of up to 46%, depending on a number of factors, with average savings of £550 per CTR award.

Of course, we realise that identifying claims is only part of the story, as you still need the resources to process them. We can help there too – as this solution is available as a fully managed service.

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What we do…

Our fully-managed Fraud & Error Reviews Service, built on the CapacityGrid Service Cloud, is specifically designed to help you get the outcome you need.

Accurately identify cases where fraud and error are most likely to occur. Not based on predicted risk-scoring or narrow credit data, but on 25 data sources and sophisticated data matching technology used by HMRC to identify tax credit fraud and error.

  1. Painlessly process any extra cases you don’t have the capacity to deal with to make sure they don’t impact on your day-to-day operations – especially during your busiest season. Prefer to do it all yourself? No problem. You can still access the tools and data via Service Cloud.
  2. Guarantee that we won’t charge you unless we provide you with results. Our capacity is paid for by the savings we generate for you. So there’s no risk and no downside to your operations – just straightforward help, better targeted actions and payment only by the results that matter to you.

We not only provide the tools and data, we also provide the people to deliver results.

Why use our fully-managed Fraud & Error Reviews Service?

We won’t… Ask you to guess at who is high risk and use your resources to investigate those claims.

We will…

  • Provide you with specifically designed scripts to extract relevant data regarding your claims
  • Compare your cases to 25 different data sources with our strategic data partner, Transactis
  • Model the risk associated with each CTR/HB claim based not only on the level of the award but also the confidence of the data
  • Work through economically viable cases by undertaking a complete review of those claims
  • Handle all customer contact – post and contact centre support
  • Make decisions and re-assess claims as required
  • Hold onto claims for a further calendar month to deal with any subsequent issues received before handing them back to you
  • Provide full reporting on claims throughout the process, including the value of any adjustments
  • Manage overlapping areas such as revenues discounts/exemptions or fraud by providing appropriate evidence for their purposes.