Mobile Homes Review helps you treat citizens fairly

Mobile Homes Review

Recognising their duty to ensure all residents who should pay Council Tax are registered to do so, many local authorities are undertaking programmes to identify mobile homes being used as the occupant’s sole or main residence.

The CapacityGrid Mobile Homes Review service focuses on identifying un-banded mobile homes that are being used as a sole or main residence, and ensuring these properties are correctly banded and registered for council tax.

Community benefits

  • Ensures that everyone pays their fair share of tax
  • Increases revenue collected to support local services
  • Helps get the Council Tax database fully up-to-date
  • Enables departments such as planning and licensing to provide better services.

Information obtained by CapacityGrid during the course of the Mobile Homes Review will be shared only with the local council and we are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998.

CapacityGrid is already working with a number of local authorities to help them administer a review of mobile homes on static holiday sites. If you live in one of these authorities and need to contact us regarding your situation, please contact CapacityGrid on 0845 450 1264 or