Single Person Discount Review can help reduce fraud and raise revenues, without the risk

Single Person Discount Review

Councils could be losing an estimated £90m per year to false Single Person Discount (SPD) claims. By reducing the fraud and error associated with council tax single person discounts, local authorities can make significant savings. But how?

With its integrated Single Person Discount Review service, CapacityGrid’s Service Cloud platform provides a self-funding, easy to deploy service that guarantees results.

What is it?

Our Single Person Discount Review service is a comprehensive, low risk, fully managed review service. CapacityGrid can manage the full review process, from data analysis to investigation, handling citizen correspondence to updating your council tax records.

It will help you:

  • Reduce the number of ineligible claims
  • Identify and address fraudulent claims faster
  • Create more accurate council tax records
  • Maximise revenue.
Reduce fraud and error and start maximising revenue today

How does it work?

Our Single Person Discount Review service uses leading data sources and personal contact to verify and validate SPD entitlements. And as we operate a ‘payment by results’ scheme, payments are only made for cancellations which generate a direct cashable saving. So there’s no investment, no risk and we offer a guaranteed outcome.