Give your review team an extra day each week

A risk-based approach to long term reviews

Rising demand and reduced budgets place an inevitable strain on resources. For most review teams, there are simply not enough days in the week, particularly when it comes to long-term reviews.

We’ve been working with some of the most innovative local authorities to help them tailor their review activity and free up more than 20% of their time.

With the Care Act in England actively promoting choosing a proportionate approach and frequency for reviews, while at the same time being responsive to change for people, there has never been a better time to change and improve the way reviews are carried out. For example, do all reviews have to be face-to-face? Can reviews be completed by phone where the risks to a person are low?

The Risk-Based Review Service will help you to:

  • Release time to improve review quality, implement the Care Act and reduce backlogs
  • Quickly identify the right review channel and frequency for each review case
  • Automatically respond to a citizen’s changing needs and circumstances
  • Allocate resources more effectively
  • Ensure efficient review processes and workflows
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How does it work?

The service assesses need and risk for each of your cases using your risk model. Using the resulting risk profile it recommends the most appropriate approach for each review.

The result is a more efficient review process focused on those with the greatest need.

See how Lewes District Council has now standardised its approach to review prioritisation.

Risk Based Reviews guide

Safely target your social care review activity; read our exclusive Risk Based Reviews guide to learn more.

Risk Based Reviews Guide

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The MJ Achievement Awards 2015

In line with our commitment to local government, we sponsored this year’s ‘Innovation in Social Care’ category at the MJ Local Government Achievement Awards 2015. Many congratulations to the winners London Borough of Lambeth with their ‘Without Walls’ entry and well done to all finalists!

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