Make 2017 the year you bring more of your empty properties back into use

Empty Homes Review Service

Around 710,000 UK properties are currently lying empty. The government is addressing the empty property challenge and supporting local authorities in bringing more homes back into use through the New Homes Bonus.

Working as a standalone managed service option or as a fully integrated module, as a part of Capacitygrid’s Service Cloud, our Empty Homes Review service provides a set of easy to use online tools needed to effectively find more empty homes that are brought back into use and ultimately maximise your funding.

What is it?

The Empty Homes Review service is a comprehensive service that gives your team the data, tools and templates they need to effectively review empty domestic properties across your local authority.

It will help you:

  • Identify more empty properties
  • Bring more empty homes back into use
  • Increase council tax collection at minimum cost
  • Maximise New Homes Bonus funding.
Start bringing more empty properties back into use today

How does it work?

Service Cloud brings together up-to-date customer reference data from market-leading credit rating agencies and council tax records, with a platform of tools that have been developed over the course over 300 empty homes reviews. Using these tools, your team can run more effective matching, improved inspections, and ultimately remove more empty properties.

For councils without a team to run their empty homes review, we still offer a fully managed service, as we have undertaken for over 150 local authorities across the country. We continue to offer this on a risk-reward basis, so there are no upfront fees and no risk you can lose.

Empty Homes Review Guide

Read our exclusive Empty Homes Review Service FAQ and get ready to bring more empty properties back into use.

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