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Universal Credit Automation

By automating Universal Credit, our customers put themselves ahead of the game by reducing their team’s workload through automation of the majority of cases between the DWP and the Northgate system. The service comes with a suite of over 15 daily reports to aid effective workload planning and track progress of cases that have been processed and enables data mismatches to be identified and resolved to further improve future automation rates.

The service delivers immediate results, freeing your team to focus on other key areas such as Universal Credit. It delivers:

  • Fully tested and robust Universal Credit parameter configuration delivering 70-80% touchless automation
  • Optimal automation with full support
  • Comprehensive reporting for workload and exceptions management
  • Clear data cleansing process to improve automation rates over time

You can also reduce your team’s workload by using our Anytime service and a number of other benefits automation services so contact us to find out more.

Case Study: South Ayrshire Council

Using Capacitygrid’s UC Automation solution, in conjunction with tools from GovTech, means that benefits officers at South Ayrshire Council have to manually intervene in just 18% of claims.