• 40 years’ public sector experience
  • 600 reviews completed
  • £675m income generated
  • £250m income protected
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The Capacitygrid CloudTools software suite supports sustainable digital transformation by rounding out the capabilities provided by commonly used customer portals. Available as a Software as a Service platform, CloudTools both complete the online toolkit and provide service teams and managers with the tools necessary to deliver the cultural and productivity changes that are key to delivering savings.

Delivering actionable intelligence to drive improved digital service performance

Each component of the CloudTools suite is designed to provide actionable intelligence regarding the services requested by customers, the actions taken to deliver those services and the customer perception of the service.

The components of the CloudTools software suite are:

  • CloudTools Perform – Which captures staff activity and assesses that activity against output to drive better productivity for both office based and home-working teams
  • CloudTools Quality – Which ensures that quality and accuracy checks are undertaken in a structured, consistent manner across all teams, providing managers with clear, actionable intelligence to support early intervention if service quality dips at any point
  • CloudTools Resolve – Which measures the reasons behind customer contacts and the outcomes of each to help remove avoidable contact
  • CloudTools Deflect – Which helps staff painlessly ease customers towards online services and other specialist stakeholders whilst providing a monitoring and enforcement feedback loop within the service to ensure that this is being done in practice
  • CloudTools Transact – Which provides a suite of 27 forms across the Revenues and Assessment service providing a simple means of keeping customers online where the commonly used customer portals do not provide transactional capability
  • CloudTools Upload – Which allows customer evidence provision at any time in the assessment or review process across any government service line
  • CloudTools Experience – Which allows the customer experience to be measured rapidly, regularly and robustly against much larger sample sizes than is the case with traditional survey mechanisms

Taken as a whole, CloudTools can drive a 17.5% reduction in staff requirements across Revenues, Assessments and Customer Service functions within a year, rising to a 26.5% reduction by the end of year 2, an ongoing saving of over £400,000 per year in a typical billing authority.

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