• 40 years’ public sector experience
  • 600 reviews completed
  • £675m income generated
  • £250m income protected

Over £450m New Homes Bonus generated for local authorities across the UK

£16.5m per annum of additional RV generated for local authorities across the UK

80-90% touchless automation for Universal Credit changes

New Homes Bonus Maximisation

Our New Homes Bonus maximisation service can help reduce your LTE or increase your housing stock leading to an increase in vital revenue to the council

Business Rates Review

A business rates review service designed to maximise revenue with minimal risk

Universal Credit Automation

Delivering over 80% touchless automation across all Universal Credit changes

Welcome to Capacitygrid

Capacitygrid offer on-demand business services to local authorities across the UK,
providing support with review services and the transition to Digital Council.

Find out more about us, our services and how we’re helping
our customers generate additional income.

Why Automation isn't always the right answer

Why Automation is Not Always the Answer

Prompt Payment Code Changes

Prompt Payment Reforms Are Coming

Conducting a Business Rates Review

Conducting a Business Rates Review

Generate Additional Income

3 ways councils can generate additional revenue without breaking the bank

Gaining the Maximum New Homes Bonus

Empty Homes News Image

Empty Homes Reviews Myth Busting

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