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Anytime, Always On When You Need It

It’s been well documented recently how many local authorities have been struggling to cope with the increase in demand for their services, while facing issues onboarding new staff and retaining their existing staff. We discussed it in our recent blog, which you can access by clicking here.

Because of this many councils are now facing large backlogs of work to deal with and need to find solutions that enable them to get back on top of this quickly to ensure their residents are getting the services they require.

Introducing Our Anytime Service

This is where Capacitygrid can help by offering our Anytime Service, which provides on-demand support services to over 50 different local authorities currently and covers a wide range of work packages.

Our service provides experienced and qualified staff, as an extension to your team, giving you a more cost-effective option when you need that extra help, rather than relying on temporary staff or trying to recruit permanent team members.

So what is it exactly?

Using the scale of our network, we offer a flexible solution, helping you get back on track in challenging times such as the ones we are experiencing.

We can help you scale (up and down) to meet your varying requirements, helping you achieve quicker results via:

  • Provision of scale and capacity to deliver a predictable and consistent service that is flexible around your workload via a fully managed service
  • Bespoke contract management approach and structure including designated account management; a team leader and quality assurance
  • Experienced staff delivering consistently high outputs and quality via our proven performance management toolkit
  • Flexible pricing solutions to meet your needs via day rates or transactional pricing
  • Creating a forum for sharing best practice procedures, process improvements, automation and digital transformation

If you would like to learn more about our Anytime Service you can click here, alternatively, you can contact us here.

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