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Hartlepool Takes Up Anytime Services

Hartlepool Borough Council has signed up to utilise Capactitygrid’s Anytime Service. With an increasing number of backlogs being experienced across the Revenues Team, Hartlepool needed additional resources to help reduce the backlog and this is why they have opted to utilise the Anytime Service.

Using the scale of our network, the Anytime Service offers a flexible solution, helping organisations get back on track in challenging times, particularly if workload volumes increase during peak holiday periods, in the event of unplanned sickness absence or during restructures to aid cost-saving challenges.

The service can help organisations scale (up and down) to meet their varying requirements, helping them achieve quicker results via:

  • Provision of scale and capacity to deliver a predictable and consistent service that is flexible around their workload via a fully managed service
  • Bespoke contract management approach and structure including designated account manager, a team leader and quality assurance
  • Experienced staff delivering consistently high outputs and quality via our proven performance management toolkit
  • Flexible pricing solutions to meet their needs via day rates or transactional pricing
  • Creating a forum for sharing best practice procedures, process improvements, automation and digital transformation

We can also reduce a team’s workload by automating ATLAS. If you would like to know more about this service, you can contact us here.

Hartlepool Anytime Service