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London Borough of Barnet Sign Up For an Empty Homes Review

We are pleased to announce that the London Borough of Barnet has once again signed up to conduct an Empty Homes Review following on from the success of our last review which saw us reduce their long term empties by 26%.

Our team will now start to conduct reviews of their empty properties once again to reduce the LTE list even further and to get those properties back into use.

How Do We Conduct an Empty Homes Review?

Our approach uses expert data matching technology, a network of specialist inspectors, a dedicated call centre team and experienced revenue practitioners to exhaustively review and validate every long term empty property. This has ensured our LTE removal rate has continued to be over three times the national average.

The results we generate are available to view in real-time through our online customer portal along with all the evidence available as part of the review.

Even if your in-house team are focused on delivering this review internally our service is designed to ensure there is no duplicated effort or cost involved.

If you would like to learn more or would like to sign up for an Empty Homes Review please click here.

Barnet Empty Homes Review