Better service outcomes with the scale of a network

Service Cloud

Your place for a range of tools, data and services to help you get the best service outcomes

Fraud & Error Reviews

Our Fraud & Error Review Service, built on the CapacityGrid Service Cloud, is specifically designed to help you get the outcome you need.

Single Person Discount Review

A comprehensive, self-funding, low risk, fully managed review service that guarantees results and helps maximise revenue

Business Rates Review

Maximise the Business Rates you retain by identifying and validating additional hereditaments

Mobile Homes Review

Treat citizens fairly with our Mobile Home Review, by ensuring that all residents who should be paying council tax are registered to do so

CapacityGrid’s Fraud & Error Reviews Service – IRRV Performance Awards Finalist 2016

We are delighted to be named as a finalist in the Excellence in Innovation (Service Delivery) category


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