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Burnley Empty Homes Review

Burnley Borough Council Sign on the Dotted Line

We are pleased to announce that the Burnley Borough Council  … Read more

HBAAI participation becomes mandatory from April 22, are you ready?

As HBAAI participation became mandatory from April 2022, local authorities  … Read more


HBAAI: How Outsourcing and Intelligent Case Selection Can Help Councils Navigate New Initiatives

Housing benefit, in its current form, celebrates its 40th birthday  … Read more

Universal Credit Automation

Free Up Your Teams From Universal Credit Work

The Pandemic has been hitting many authority departments in different  … Read more

Barnet Empty Homes Review

London Borough of Barnet Sign Up For an Empty Homes Review

We are pleased to announce that the London Borough of  … Read more

Hartlepool Anytime Service

Hartlepool Takes Up Anytime Services

Hartlepool Borough Council has signed up to utilise Capactitygrid’s Anytime  … Read more