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Why Automation isn't always the right answer

Why Automation is Not Always the Answer

With hoards of people itching to get back to everyday  … Read more

Prompt Payment Code Changes

Prompt Payment Reforms Are Coming

Did you know that it is estimated that in the  … Read more

Single Person Discount Review

Reduce Fraud and Incorrect Single Person Discount Claims

Councils could be losing an estimated £90m per year in  … Read more

Conducting a Business Rates Review

Conducting a Business Rates Review

Identifying and validating new or additional rateable value is costly  … Read more

Generate Additional Income

3 ways councils can generate additional revenue without breaking the bank

Like their private sector counterparts, local authorities have been financially  … Read more

Gaining the Maximum New Homes Bonus

Around 710,000 UK properties are currently lying empty. The Ministry  … Read more